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Become a member by filling in the registration form and submitting it to




Once your form is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email with payment instructions. Upon payment, we’ll issue your membership number and membership card.  

Membership Tiers

Enjoy special Early Bird rates by joining now!

Membership Type: STANDARD

  • Individuals aged 21 and above

  • Children of standard members under 21 years old are included in the parent's membership

Entrance Fee:* $20

Annual Membership:  ̶$̶1̶0̶8̶  $88

Membership Type: SENIORS

  • Individuals aged 60 and above

Entrance Fee:*  ̶$̶2̶0̶  WAIVED

Annual Membership:  ̶$̶5̶4̶  $44

Membership Type: STUDENTS

  • Portuguese and Portuguese speaking full-time students temporarily residing in Singapore, aged 18 and above

Entrance Fee:* FREE (one-time-only benefit)

Annual Membership: FREE (one-time-only benefit)

*The entrance fee is payable only once, together with the first annual membership.

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