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Portuguese Association (Singapore)

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organisation born from the passion and determination of a group of Portuguese volunteers residing in Singapore.

The Portuguese Association of Singapore was started by a small group of Portuguese parents who wanted to come together around their common heritage, and to expose their children to activities centred around Portuguese language and culture.


It quickly grew into a bigger project aimed at the wider Portuguese community in Singapore, offering social opportunities for mutual sharing and creating a real sense of belonging.


Now a collective project, the association belongs to all of us who share the same language and the same cultural heritage. We have laid the foundations, but together we can make it grow. If you have ideas and/or time to spare, you can help the community by volunteering with us!


Why We Exist

Our goal is to promote Portuguese culture, bridge communities, and create enriching experiences for Portuguese nationals and friends of Portugal in Singapore.

It is our mission to:

  • Facilitate contact among Portuguese nationals living in Singapore.

  • Foster friendship and contact between the Portuguese community, the Portuguese speaking community and friends of Portugal in general.

  • ​Organize social, cultural, and recreational events, predominantly related to Portugal and Portuguese traditions, that are of general interest to our members and the wider Singaporean community.

  • Encourage participation in charitable projects aimed at the community. 

  • Foster understanding between Portuguese and Portuguese speaking communities, the friends of Portugal, and the wider Singaporean community. 

  • Bring awareness of the Portuguese heritage to the younger members of the Portuguese community, other communities that share the same language, friends of Portugal and the wider Singaporean community.

Business People

For Whom

Whether you are a Portuguese citizen, a Portuguese speaker, or a friend of Portugal residing in Singapore, you are welcome to join our community!

For Newcomers – If you are a professional who just moved to Singapore, the association provides a way to stay connected to your Portuguese roots, make new friends, and build a support network to navigate life in the little red dot. 


For Families – Founded by parents who wanted their kids to be friends with other Portuguese speaking children, the association has a strong focus on activities that improve proficiency in the Portuguese language, as well as exposing kids to Portuguese history and culture.


For Students and Seniors – We have special discounts and waivers for our younger and older members. Adults from Portuguese speaking countries who are full-time students in Singapore, and people aged over 60 enjoy free/discounted membership. Visit the Join Us page for further details on eligibility.

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Who We Are
Why We Exist
For Whom
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